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Look better.  Feel better.  Perform better.

About Us.

Watch the video to get a glimpse into our training methods/community.  


Come find out why Fit Factory Nashville has been voted "Best Gym In Nashville" for the last 4 consecutive years.  

Class Schedule.

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BBC = Barbell Club    -
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Building a fit community
one friend at a time!

The most effective workout is the one you do with great consistency.  Imagine having a group of like minded, encouraging friends all pushing towards their fitness goals together!

Hit Us Up Anytime.

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207 McMillin St.
Just 2 miles west of downtown Nashville.

Contact Us.

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Nashville residents get a free trial week of classes

Out of town visitors 1 Class - $25

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Ready for your first class?


Frequent Questions

Do you have showers?

​Yes. We have two showers and two more changing rooms.​

How long do the workouts last?

Typically around 50 mins from warm up through cool down.

What is Barbell Club?

Click HERE for a detailed explanation.

I'm out of shape.  Will Fit Factory classes be too hard?

No. Of course it will be hard. Working out needs to be hard. But, all the movements we do at Fit Factory can be scaled or modified to meet any fitness level.  If you have concerns, we'd recommend coming to one of our regular class times (Not Barbell Club).

I like a really hard workout.  Will Fit Factory classes be too easy?

​No way! You’ll find that as your fitness increases, you start performing the workouts with heavier weights and less rest. This means that even the fittest person in the gym gets a killer workout.​

Can I come to the gym outside of class times?

We offer open gym each weekday from 9:30-11:30am and 3-4pm.  Additionally, we often offer open gym on Sundays.  We announce Sunday open gym on our app on a weekly basis.

I have an injury.  Can I modify the workout if needed?

Of course. Our coaches will be happy to come up with alternative exercises for you that don’t aggravate your injury.

Will these workouts make me bulky?

No. Lifting weights does not make people "bulky." Diet is the real culprit. If a person eats well and is still “bulky” by your standards, it probably means they have lifted super heavy weights for YEARS in order to achieve that. We will be burning tons of calories while building muscles at Fit Factory.

Can I see what the day's workout is online?

Yes, we use a gym management software called Wodify.  Members get access to the app which shows the workout of the day

I'm visiting from out of town.  Can I drop in for a workout?

Yes, we'd love to meet you. First class is only free for Nashville residents. Out of town guests can buy a class for $25. Click HERE to reserve/pay for a spot.

What should I bring?  What Shoes should I wear?

Just a water bottle, maybe a towel, and a good attitude!  For shoes...You can start out in any athletic shoe that fits. However, you'll soon see that running shoes are not great for weightlifting, and weightlifting shoes are terrible for running. We recommend a cross training shoe because it will perform adequately for all the tasks we do at Fit Factory. (Nike Metcon, Nobull training shoe, Reebok Nano, New Balance MX730v2, Asics Met Conviction)

Is there free parking?

There is parking in front of and behind our building.  If that fills up (it often does) there is free street parking near by.  State St. and 15th Ave are great options for street parking

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